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Electronic Journal of Sociology

The Electronic Journal of Sociology is published in three tiers.

1. Tier one is the traditional refereed tier for the publication of original scholarly research. This tier encompasses the broad range from macro works comparing societies and cultures to theoretically insightful micro case studies and accepts submissions from a wide range of theoretical traditions and methodological approaches.

2. Tier Two is for editorially reviewed articles designed to bring sociology and sociological knowledge to a wider audience, to the general public, to those outside of sociology. Articles written for this tier are written to communicate knowledge to a wider audience, and can include, for example, summaries of a sociological topic, an explanation of how sociological knowledge or research may apply to an issue of today's society today, etc.

3. Tier Three is the editorially reviewed tier for the publication of controversial topics of interest. Topics appropriate for Tier Three include papers on spirituality, entheogens, structures of consciousness, and other topics normally considered outside of the mainstream of scientific respectability. This third tier is not to be used to publish politically suspect (i.e., racist, sexist) or politically biased research.

Although Tier Two and Three are subject to editorial review only, the same standards of empirical and argumentative rigor are expected as are to be found in Tier One.

Following are the few Sociology Journal topics covered in this page.
  • Where is North American Automobile Production Headed: Low-Wage Lean Production
  • Professional and Technical Moonlighters
  • Intertextuality and the Writing of Social Research
  • Sociology Resources on the Internet
  • Cyber McCarthyism: Witch Hunts in the Living Room
  • Gender Advertisements Revisited: A Visual Sociology Classic?
  • A Response To Sociological Research Online. The Rigour of Peer Review and Other Myths of Science
  • Frankenstein Meets The Invisible Man: Science, Medicine and a Theory of Invention
  • Electronic Journals: The Grand Information Future?
  • Elective Affinities in the Engineering of Social Control: The Evolution of Electronic Monitoring
  • The Dialectic of Knowledge-in-Production: Value Creation in Late Capitalism and the Rise of Knowledge-Centered Production
  • Cultural Citizenship and the Creation of European Identity
  • The Professional Practices of Faculty and the Diffusion of Computer Technologies in University Teaching
  • A Content Analysis of Internet-Accessible Written Pornographic Depictions
  • The Public and the Re-licensing of Nuclear Facilities in Canada: The 'Risk Society' in Action
  • Purple Loosestrife and the "Bounding" of Nature in North American Wetlands
  • Shame, Anger, and the Social Bond: A Theory of Sexual Offenders and Treatment
  • Researching Serial Murder: Methodological and Definitional Problems
  • Hate on the Net
  • Paying the Piper: The Educational Cost of the Commercialization of the Internet
  • The University, Accountability, and Market Discipline in the Late 1990s
  • Illusions of Excellence and the Selling of the University: A Micro- Study
  • Disembodied Learning: How Flexible Delivery Shoots Higher Education In The Foot: Well, Sort Of
  • Rereading Lyotard: Knowledge, Commodification and Higher Education
  • Ronald Reagan and the Commitment of the Mentally Ill: Capital, Interest Groups, and the Eclipse of Social Policy
  • Off the Rack: Store Bought Emotions and the Presentation of Self
  • The Problem of Social Type: A Review
  • Redefining Reality: Epiphany as a Standard of Postmodern Truth
  • Social Psychological Dimensions of Electronic Communication
  • Untowning Harwick: Restructuring a Rural Town
  • The EJS and SGML Production: A New Era in Scholarly Communication
  • Unacknowledged Roots and Blatant Imitation: Postmodernism and the Dada Movement
  • Higher Education in Transition: An Agenda for Discussion
  • Emergent Clusters of Denotative Meaning
  • Blood Money: Life, Death, and Plasma on the Las Vegas Strip
  • An Interactive Poll - Science and Emotion
  • Information and Communication Technologies in University Teaching and in Teacher Education: Journey in a Major Qu├ębec University's Reality
  • The Veil of Piacular Subjectivity: Buchananism and the New World Order
  • Power and Powerlessness in the Global Village: Stepping into the "Information Society" as a "Revolution From Above."
  • On Structural and Functional Status of Culture in the Social System
  • Timeless Moral Imperatives in Causal Analysis of Social Functioning
  • Flexible Learning, Contemporary Work And Enterprising Selves
  • Durkheim's Altruism As The Source Of His Social Holism: A Discussion Of The Viability Of A Social Basis For Moral Principles
  • What Does Research Say about the Nature of Computer-mediated Communication: Task-Oriented, Social-Emotion-Oriented, or Both?
  • Modern family or modernized family traditionalism?: Master status and the gender order in Switzerland
  • Incorporating Nonverbal Behaviors into Affect Control Theory
  • Foucauldian Gerontology: A Methodology for Understanding Aging
  • Human Rational Behavior and Economic Rationality
  • Theorising Privatisation: Policy, Network Analysis, and Class
  • Discursive and Social Practices in the Construction of Exclusion: A Comparative Study
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